This site grew out of the experience of moving to the Washington DC area and searching for Buddhist meditation practice communities. In the beginning it was a somewhat difficult task, particularly finding reliable group practice venues and communities. Having sat with both Mahayana and Theravada groups for many years, it is evident that the Dharma is the same, essentially differing only in emphasis on certain aspects, in some methodology and in cultural traditions. Being interested in making connections with local temples, as well as with groups of practitioners, the search extended to finding them.

Much of the information presented here is available thru internet searches but is scattered and sometimes disparate, but some of it has been gleaned from making contacts in the various Buddhist communities in the area.

One of the problems in keeping listings accurate is the fact that venues and organizations change, sometimes disappearing or going defunct. This is particularly the case with loosely organized groups with the sole purpose of meeting together for meditation, especially if they have no regular monastic or teacher guiding and leading them. This is rarely the case with established temples and monasteries. Also, sometimes new groups may form which are not generally known. Finally, it is not possible to be aware of every organization or group that exists. For these reasons, at any point in time, some inaccuracies in the listings may exist.

Listings such as presented in this site are inherently dynamic. Visitors and users are encouraged to submit information pertaining to any listing or to inform of an entity not listed by clicking on the Contact Us tab.